Welcome the Vendor Portal for the City of Madeira Beach. New vendors who have just begun providing goods or services to the City or who wish to do business with the City in the future are encouraged to officially register with the City by clicking on the New Vendor Registration link and completing the registration form. Under Vendor Type, Active indicates a vendor that is currently or imminently engaging the City in business transactions. Prospective, on the other hand, indicates that your entity is not currently engaged with the City but wishes or intends to do business with the City at some point in the future. Within the Registration Form, you can click yes to be included in future bid opportunities. By doing so, any competitive written bids prepared by the City will be emailed to you once publicly issued if the nature and purpose of the solicitation relates in any way to your business. Be sure to click on Contact to add your contact information including email address within the form.

If you are an existing vendor currently doing business with the City of Madeira Beach, please submit any invoices requiring payment by the City by clicking on the ‘Vendor Invoice Submission’ link. If there is a purchase order associated with the goods or services you are providing the City, please enter your purchase order number in the applicable space provided. If you are unsure of the purchase order number associated with the goods or services you are delivering, you can contact the Finance Department, specifically Karen Paulson, at kpaulson@madeirabeachfl.gov, or (727) 391-9951, ext 222. Be sure to attach your invoice and any other pertinent documentation when submitting.

We would like to thank you for doing business with the City of Madeira Beach, either currently or in the future. By entering this pertinent information into the New Vendor Registration portal or the Vendor Invoice Submission portal, we will be able to communicate new business opportunities to you timely and streamline the invoice submission process so that you can be paid quickly and accurately. We look forward to your continued engagement with the City.